lets make a film, not just a video...


Every piece of content we create has a feel. Not literally, that would be ridiculous. But its something we're very particular about. Good visual storytelling should leave an invisible mark on the viewer. It should elicit an emotion, or a reaction. 

Think about the last thing you watched that you remember. Chances are, you remember it because it made you feel something. Find the feel in your film, and you've cracked what visual storytelling is all about. Sometimes it isn't easy, and that's where we can help...





We get it, creating big ideas is hard. Somtimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes on your problem and the solution comes right to you.

At Untold, we love it when our clients hit us up for creative ideas for their next film, and more often than not, the ideas we come up with together end up being some of our best work. Try us on for size with a 10 minute brief and well try our best to blow your socks off!

One of the most common problems faced by our clients is finding a way to get the big idea out of their heads and translated into a great looking film. Its called finding the right creative treatment, and we're rather good at it.

The trick is knowing the right questions to ask right up front at the briefing stage, which is why we've developed the 10 minute brief. A quick phone call could be all it takes to turn your film dreams into reality 😎

We're always thinking about shoot logistics. Here's some common logistical problems:

  1. How can we get the camera up/down/over/inside there?
  2. Do we need a permit to fly a drone inside a incineration power plant?
  3. Can we get a camera crew from Cornwall to Edinburgh in four hours?

Spoiler alert - we've got the answers. We'll take the headache out of your filming project by applying our tried and tested BST* formula to shoot logistics to make sure we get the shot.

Ready to go? Lets do it...

*Blood, Sweat and (occasionally) Tears.