We're always looking for the perfect angle to help tell your story. Sometimes, standing on a ladder doesn't quite cut it, and for those occasions, taking to the skies is the only option.

Send in the drones.

We've invested in a lovely, 4k, speedy drone that can easily travel with us to shoots, making grabbing that epic establishing shot that much easier. Whether you're looking for an aerial survey, a complete end to end aerial film or just want to add that 5 seconds of drone magic to your film, we're geared up, licensed by the CAA and insured to do it for you.

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How much does drone filmmaking cost?

As with everything, cost is a very variable factor depending on your requirements, but we can guarantee that its probably not as much as you think!

The reason we offer aerial filmmaking is because of the pure production value that it adds to our client's projects. Often times, we're only looking for that epic establishing shot to set the scene for your film, which is why it doesn't always make sense to hire a drone operator for an entire day.  

Adding some aerial shots to your production is as simple as adding in a few hours of extra time for us to complete the flight planning paperwork. We'll then bring the drone along to your shoot and get it in the air to grab the shot. Simple!


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