A little bit about us...


Untold films was born out of a simple idea – to tell amazing stories through the medium of online video. Unlike many filmmakers, we don’t have 20 years of experience in TV & broadcast media.

Being honest, we don’t even have 20 minutes.


But since when was Broadcast experience a prerequisite for telling a compelling story?

Understanding what inspires your customers, readers, watchers, viewers or audience to act is about understanding people, and here at Untold Films, we’ve got years of experience understanding what drives behaviour and action.

Its just so happens that we know how to make beautiful films, too 🎥 😉


We cut our teeth in the world of digital marketing, working both client and agency side for over 10 years creating content in all its forms, during one of the biggest content revolutions of the last 30 years. We watched on while viewers switched from the 10 O'clock news to TMZ, from their local rag to their favourite Youtubers.

If our experience making content for brands such as National Express, M&B, MG MotorsGreene King & CALA Homes has taught us anything, its that relevance matters now more than ever. Its also taught us that you don't need a 10 man crew to get great looking results.


Do we need a big film crew?

You might be asking yourself this exact question for your next film project.

Do we need a sound guy, lighting guy, camera guy, director and a tea guy? Maybe you do. Maybe your next production has a cast of 20 rapscallion actors. Maybe you're shooting an Etruscan TV drama on a cliff face at sunset with four drones and a tiger.

Chances are, the results you want can be achieved with a 1-3 man crew. There's no longer a monopoly on making beautiful video content - focus on the reaction you want from the viewer and find a content partner that understands the story you're trying to tell.

That's where we come in... 


Simon has a fantastic knowledge of the digital landscape, and a unique ability to understand our brand, offering a fresh approach that is both exciting and delivers results.
— Kathleen McLaughlin, Digital Marketing Manager, CALA Group


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